Console Sony Playstation 2 (Download Rom)
Region World
OS Linux , MacOS , Windows
Downloads 25,351
File size 6M
3.8/5 (137 votes)
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PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator that turns your computer into a PS2 console so you can play all of your favorite childhood games. PCSX2 offers a lot of advantages and features that make it an excellent PS2 emulator. In order for the picture quality and the number of frames (fps) to be satisfactory, your PC must have a relative configuration, usually a Core2Duo 2.4Ghz CPU or higher, at least 1GB of RAM, an Nvidia 8600GT video card, or an ATI HD3650 with 256MB Ram up.

Note: The program requires your PC to update DirectX 9.0c to the latest version (for WinXP) and Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable otherwise it will report an error.

PCSX2 is essentially a tool that can manage and download applications for installation. You can configure it, download the appropriate BIOS versions for the console, insert games, etc. It also saves the game, the progress in the game as well as allows you to increase or speed down gameplay or record video. PCSX2 has come a long way, with more than a decade of existence and development, it has received a lot of favor from the gaming community. So if you are looking for a PS2 game console emulator, PCSX2 is definitely the app you should try.

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