Bag Monster Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Bag Monster Ultimate Collector’s Edition
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer monster (chinese)
Genre Role-Playing
Region North America
Downloads 0
Released January 1, 1970
4.7/5 (3 votes)

Pokemon fans may be found in every country, including China. Take a deep breath and dive headfirst into the exciting adventures of Pokemon Ultimate Collector’s Edition, a spectacular Chinese ROM hack. Prepare to meet brand-new Pokemon and go on a mission to capture them all!


A unique Chinese ROM hack based on the adored Pokemon LeafGreen Version, Pokemon Ultimate Collector’s Edition is known locally as Bag Monster – 2012 Version or Bag Monster Ultimate Collector’s Edition. The protagonist of the game is a young Western boy whose family has lately moved to a different region. But he can’t communicate with the locals unless he learns their language, so he is on a quest to do just that. His linguistic abilities grow throughout time, and each new level earns him a Pokemon friend to help him on his journeys.


The Pokemon craze has spread throughout the globe, from the United States and Japan to Europe and even to the center of China. Devoted game hackers in China have built special editions catered to the tastes of the country’s rabid Pokemon fans. One such example is Bag Monster: 2012 Edition.

The game’s plot matches that of the Western youngster adapting to a strange location where the people speak a language alien to him. His dedication to becoming fluent in the language is motivating and fruitful to watch unfold. His linguistic talent is recognized by the gift of a new Pokemon friend and thus begins yet another exciting adventure in this strange and wonderful land.


In addition to providing a thrilling Pokemon experience, the story of language, culture, and discovery in Bag Monster Ultimate Collector’s Edition is fascinating in its own right. You’ll find out how exciting it is to learn a new language and make bonds with your Pokemon pals as you progress through the game.

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