Fire Emblem: Justice & Pride

Fire Emblem: Justice & Pride
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer MrGreen3339
Genre RPG , Tactical
Region English
Year 2019
Downloads 235
5/5 (1 vote)
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Fans know Fire Emblem games are difficult and complex. Fire Emblem: Justice & Pride elevates the famous formula into a captivating and distinctive game. This hack, made with FEBuilder and other applications, combines mechanics from the whole Fire Emblem series with considerable twists. It uses current patches to offer a very exceptional gaming experience.


With 30 chapters before the gaidens, players may expect a lengthy, mostly relevant tale. In addition, the game includes 8 postgame trial maps that incorporate crossover characters and landscapes from earlier Fire Emblem games, adding a fascinating twist. This offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that keeps players returning, contrary to conventional assumptions.


They think Justice & Pride’s revamped Skill System was a standout. Each unit now has personal skills and one class pretty skill each tier, learned at level 10, which is important. Class-based skills, like the Rider Canto, are also accessible. Most of these changes add depth and strategy to combat, offering players more exploration options.


Subtly establishing HP Bars eliminates frustrating issues like opponent control. With its considerable quality-of-life adjustments, Justice & Pride improves gameplay overall. It makes gameplay smoother and more pleasurable, which is important.


Expect surprises with new classes like the Malig Knight and Spartan. The game has Easy, Normal, Difficult, Reverse, and Casual modes for all difficulties, which are significant. Personalize your gaming experience greatly.


Sneakily find Ice Shard, Worm, and stat-boosting Relics. Mines, Juna Fruits, and Light Runes return to complicate your tactics. The new Devil Axe gives -5 to Lck, Def, and Res instead of backfiring.


Besides raw force, the game features a tactical menu with subtle advice and quips to influence your actions. Inspired by Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, this feature adds refreshing tactical depth to your tactics.

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