Hypno’s Lullaby

Hypno’s Lullaby
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer 7G06
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2013
Downloads 205
5/5 (1 vote)
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Long ago, in the dark corners of internet folklore, a sinister tale known as Hypno’s Lullaby sent shivers down spines. It revolved around a malevolent Hypno using a haunting lullaby to abduct and, well, put an end to unsuspecting children. If you haven’t stumbled upon this creepy tale, a quick Google search will transport you into eerie storytelling. But for those die-hard fans who yearned to experience the nightmare firsthand, a group of devoted creators birthed a game that brought this chilling narrative to life.


Imagine the graphics of Fire Red – that’s the world of Pokemon Hypno’s Lullaby. Although it doesn’t showcase the absolute best features of its predecessor, it remains visually appealing. The environments are tastefully designed, seamlessly capturing the unsettling atmosphere demanded by a creepy tale.


The soundtrack is a mixed bag. For a good part of the game, it sticks with the cheerful tunes typical of the Pokemon universe, which, admittedly, lasts four minutes. When the ‘spooky’ phase kicks in, it transitions to the eerie melodies from Lavender Town and the Pokemon Tower, ensuring your hairs stand on end.


In terms of addictiveness, it won’t keep you glued for hours, but it certainly won’t bore you either. With the entire experience wrapping up in just 8-10 minutes, it’s a fun and spooky ride that doesn’t overstay its welcome.


Pokemon Hypno’s Lullaby deviates from the creepypasta. Children have started disappearing on Three Island in this game. You play a young protagonist hired by Professor Oak’s grandson to solve the riddles. You choose between Vulpix and Marill as your beginning Pokemon. With the Pokecenter and Mart closed and residents chanting about the missing youngsters, the town seems strangely empty. In the Berry Forest, a little girl attracts Hypno, who attacks. Your Pokemon die, and Hypno lulls you to its cave. Inside, a woman unaffected by Hypno heals your Pokemon before dying.

The cave is full of strangely silent people speaking in ellipses. Many staircases and dangerous holes await you, where you must defeat enemies to continue. Finally, you face Hypno, the mastermind. As you fight, Hypno uses abducted child spirits. The final scene takes place in Nightmare. The Pokemon Tower-like building houses repentant young souls who blame you for their deaths. You can enter a cave, but Hypno will always watch.

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