Pokémon Alternate Nusantara

Pokémon Alternate Nusantara
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Marsya Modeus Herdamas
Genre Role-Playing
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Released January 1, 1970
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Now available for your exploration is “Pokémon Alternate Nusantara,” a stunning Pokémon GBA Rom Hack created by the skilled Marsya Modeus Herdamas and based on the original Pokemon Fire Red. If you’re a fan of the Pokémon series, you’ll love this fresh Indonesian take on the classic. First, though, before we get into the game’s original plot, be sure to play its prequel, “Pokemon Nusantara.”


The exciting Point Region, which is home to two of the most prominent Pokémon Academies, RFTC, and POTC, is where our adventure takes place. Since their inception, these two academies have been bitter rivals. You play the role of a protagonist enrolled at the prestigious RFTC Academy. You and your best friends, Dallas and Seriva, have studied countless hours. Your days will include group meals, regular athletic competitions, Pokémon training sessions, and mock battles. You and your pals have worked hard, and now the time has come to celebrate your graduation and begin your independent lives.


A thirst for discovery and adventure serves as the impetus for your journey. You and your pals set out on “A Wandering Adventure,” eager to travel the world and defeat Gym Leaders to obtain their coveted badges. Your journey, however, will be anything from simple. You run into trainers from the competing POTC Academy along the road who say bad things about your favorite RFTC Academy. Surprisingly, several members of the RFTC agree with the criticisms. Now, you’re caught in a web of confusion, not knowing who to believe.


The only thing to do when faced with an unknown world is to keep moving forward and learning the truth. You’ll encounter legendary trainers from all over the world and form deep bonds with them as you travel. The interactions will get you closer to learning the truth about the RFTC and POTC academies. You’ll get closer to the truth about your beloved school and its adversary with each test you take. The road ahead is littered with peril and mystery, but your resolve and faith in your Pokémon will get you through it.


  • Language remains mostly unchanged.
  • Fresh starters and diverse Pokémon.
  • Clans bear Indonesian Pokémon Community names: PSI, PI, MBI, PDA, and POINTS.
  • Gen IV and Gen V Pokémon join the roster.
  • Enhanced moves and additional TMs.
  • Physical/Special separation.
  • We are incorporating movesets from XY-Competitive gameplay.
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