Pokémon Ash’s Quest Version

Pokémon Ash’s Quest Version
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer ice_nine
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2009
Downloads 352
3.5/5 (2 votes)
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A fresh Pokemon adventure awaits; are you ready to rediscover its magic? They thought so. Go no further than Pokemon Ash’s Quest to take your Pokemon Fire Red passion to the next level! They hoped restoring the entire 82-episode Pokemon anime series would let you appreciate the universe in a new way.


The latest version offers a comprehensive redesign, allowing you to explore Ash Ketchum’s environment, which is significant. The game features anime aspects such as A.J.\’s Gym, School of Hard Knocks, singing Jigglypuff, and the significant Pokemon League event. It feels like being in the anime!


The game’s gameplay heavily resembles the popular Pokemon anime. Become Ash Ketchum and start your trip with a well-picked Pokemon collection, as curated by the designers. Additionally, you’ll experience well-orchestrated combat and GYM challenges that subtly match anime intensity. Prepare to have fun as you tackle Pokemon’s many fascinating challenges. Pokemon Ash’s Quest faithfully adapts the anime’s narrative, immersing you in the action. This game will subtly captivate fans old and new to the franchise.


While maintaining the source material, Pokemon: Ash\’s Quest’s art has been upgraded to enhance the adventure’s visual appeal, which is significant. You will be deeply involved in the Pokemon universe, more so than ever before. Prepare for an unforgettable Ash Ketchum journey. Now is the ideal time to begin Pokemon Ash’s Quest and become a Pokemon Master, a big achievement.

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