Pokemon Aurora

Pokemon Aurora
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer vxo
Genre Role-Playing , RPG
Region World
Downloads 830
3.3/5 (7 votes)
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Are you prepared to go on an unprecedented Pokemon adventure? If you’re looking for a wonderful GBA Rom Hack, go no further than “Pokemon Aurora Fire Red,” a remake of the classic “Pokemon Fire Red” by VXO. Fans of Pokemon should not wait any longer to download this thrilling game.


Taking place a year after the events of “Pokemon Fire Red,” “Pokemon Aurora Fire Red” is set in the enticing region of Zyphre. You, the aspiring Pokemon trainer, are about to set out on a journey of epic proportions. Your Pokemon-savvy grandparents give you a Dratini, a rare and potent Pokemon partner. You and your new friend will travel to other areas to take on the region’s formidable Gym Leaders. However, you should be aware that Zyphre does not lack difficulties.


While you’re on your mission to become a Pokemon Master, a dark and terrifying threat is growing over the Zyphre region. Team Rocket, the renowned criminal organization, has reemerged. Their evil scheme calls for them to subjugate the Elite Four and eventually rule the entire region. To rescue Zyphre from Team Rocket’s clutches, it is up to you, the brave trainer, to foil their plans.


  • Physical/Special Attack Division
  • Indoor Sprinting Allowed
  • Tailored Graphics Sets
  • Unique Code Modifications
  • Fresh Territory for Exploration
  • Evolution Adjustments
  • Typing Corrections
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