Pokemon Crystallos

Pokemon Crystallos
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Markusfer47
Genre Role-Playing , RPG
Region World
Downloads 414
Released May 4, 2018
5/5 (1 vote)
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Create your captivating adventure by visualizing a world where the cold of ice and the intrigue of mystery come together. Welcome to “Pokemon Crystals,” where you’ll don the shoes of a curious young child nurtured on a lonely island in the heart of the Ninguit Region. The famous scientist Professor Prudens has a modest but intriguing request for you to begin your journey.


Professor Prudens, ever the enigma, discovers a mysterious artifact when he comes across a frozen feather. The fact that not even an inferno can melt this frozen treasure sets it differently. The mystique surrounding this feather calls you to join an astonishing journey, one that will lead you from the limitations of your isolated island to the enormous world of the Ninguit Region.


Your mission in “Pokemon Crystals” is to travel to the various cities and towns of Ninguit in search of the origin of the feather. As you travel through this gorgeous area, you’ll meet interesting people, overcome hard obstacles, and win powerful allies. You and your Pokemon friends will grow closer and closer as you go.


Discover the mysteries of the frozen feather, unleash the power of your Pokemon, and test the limits of your powers in “Pokemon Crystals,” an experience of a lifetime. You’ll be kept occupied for hours thanks to the game’s innovative combination of exploration, puzzle solving, and furious combat.


  • Intriguing Mystery
  • Engaging Storyline
  • Expansive Ninguit Region
  • Trusted Pokemon Companions
  • Unique Fusion of Gameplay
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