Pokémon Emerald Lucario

Pokémon Emerald Lucario
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer FerventFlames
Genre Role-Playing
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Released January 1, 1970
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Enjoy a new level of Pokémon thrills in “Pokémon Emerald Lucario,” an exciting GBA Rom Hack developed by FerventFlames. Trainers yearning for a new take on the original “Pokémon Emerald” in English may now download and play the game’s English version, which has been modified fascinatingly. An exciting journey into the world of Pokémon is promised by the game, which was last updated on January 25, 2018.


You were raised from infancy onward hearing rumors of a powerful Pokémon companion who would help you achieve your full potential. Ten years have flown by, and now is the moment to make good on this forecast. As your family prepares for a relocation to a new place, you set out on an adventure that will permanently change your destiny.


Suddenly, as you check off the last few items on your to-do list before setting out on your journey, you encounter a scene you weren’t expecting. A wild Pokémon viciously attacks an unarmed spectator. You immediately spring into action, protecting the downed trainer by retrieving a Pokémon from their bag. You have no idea that your courageous deed will set in motion a journey unlike any other.


The Pokémon you’re using right now was a present the mysterious man had promised you. The journey you and your new Pokémon friend are about to go on is truly incredible, and this chance meeting is just the beginning.


  • The initial lineup got a shakeup: Pikachu, Lucario, and Eevee have been swapped out.
  • Fresh game boards have been introduced.
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