Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus

Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Souma
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 2,462
3.8/5 (56 votes)
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Discover the magic of “Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus,” a stunning GBA ROM Hack developed by the ingenious Souma. Let yourself get swept away by the game’s charming and unpredictable world. Fans and gamers of Pokemon Emerald will like this new update for the revitalized experience it provides. Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus is a unique spin on the popular series first released in English. As of the most recent update on April 19, 2020, an already intriguing idea has reached new heights.


The purpose of the “Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus” is to introduce an element of surprise and chance into your Pokemon adventure. This unique ROM Hack flips the script on the usual gameplay, where you carefully prepare your team and moves. Your Pokemon party will experience a continual twist of fate as you embark on your journey. Every Pokemon in your team will be randomly selected at the start of each battle, forcing you to improvise your tactics on the fly. This novel twist not only keeps you on your toes but also raises the stakes and increases the excitement of the game.


In a world where Pokemon games seem repetitive, “Pokemon Emerald Party Randomizer Plus” is fresh air. As you explore the Hoenn region, this patch adds a unique sense of development. The ever-changing nature of your Pokemon party means that you continually evolve your tactics and adapt to new circumstances. Because of this, the game is always fresh and exciting because you get to decide which moves your Pokemon can learn.


  • At the battle’s start, each Pokemon transforms into a random species.
  • Pokemon retain their EVs, IVs, contest stats, current HP, XP, shininess, pokerus, and nicknames.
  • Every Pokemon gets their final four level-up moves for their move pool.
  • Legendary creatures are rare at lower levels.
  • Each Pokemon has a chance to acquire an Egg move.
  • All Pokemon can acquire moves from the TMs/HMs in your bag.
  • You can stash HMs on your PC.
  • Support moves won’t replace offensive ones, and a Pokemon keeps its most potent STAB moves.
  • Smeargle’s moveset is completely randomized.
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