Pokémon Emerald-Z

Pokémon Emerald-Z
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer absol_89
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2015
Downloads 148
5/5 (1 vote)
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You play the role of a young, aspiring Pokemon trainer with an unwavering love for Dragon-type Pokemon in the engrossing universe of Pokemon Emerald Z, created by the amazing absol_89. Ever since you can remember, the idea of one day earning the title of “Respected Dragon Trainer” has consumed your every waking thought. It’s up to you to turn that vision into reality now.


You’ve finally reached the point in your life where you have the wisdom and maturity to embark on your mission. The world is enormous, but your job is simple: find and capture the strongest Dragon Pokemon. But there’s a lot to do before you can take your place as a true Dragon Master, so don’t be deceived.


With the addition of even more unique and uncommon Pokemon to the first Route you travel in this fantastic game, every step you take is fascinating and gratifying. The fascinating wildlife you’ll see on your journey will astound and astonish you.


In Pokemon Emerald Z, your in-game opponents have advanced in level as well. They’ve upgraded their game by adding a slew of new Pokemon to their roster, and they’re not going back to picking the same old ones. Expect the unexpected, both in terms of combat and in terms of the techniques employed by your opponents.


  • Mega Evolution is available for your Pokemon right from the start, particularly for Charmander.
  • The initial route now features a greater variety of valuable Pokemon.
  • Your in-game opponents will opt for unconventional Pokemon choices.
  • Right from the outset, you can utilize Mega Evolution with your Pokemon, especially Charmander.
  • The first route boasts a higher number of valuable Pokemon to capture.
  • Your in-game rivals will make atypical Pokemon selections.
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