Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition

Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition
Console Gameboy Advance
Region English
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3.8/5 (567 votes)
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A daybreak in peaceful Pallet Town begins a hero’s adventure to become a Pokémon Master. He faces the Gym Leaders and defeats the Pokémon League, driven by his love of fierce Pokémon combat and determination to be the best. Possibly a classic, but a far deeper story.


Questions abound: What links Lance, Giovanni, and Professor Oak? The Great Pokémon War—what happened? The mysterious Mewtwo—how did it begin? What happened to the numerous Trainers Red mercilessly defeated? The underlying narrative, rooted in Kanto’s criminal underground, holds the answers.

In Pokémon Firered: Rocket Edition, players discover a web of intrigue and betrayal where friendships are fragile and every win costs. Kanto’s peaceful exterior is destroyed, revealing a civilization full of secrets and a background that changes the Pokémon universe.


The player starts on a thrilling journey to become a Pokémon Master and reveal Kanto’s dark secrets. Every action affects the region’s criminal underbelly and tests friendships. Pokemon Firered: Rocket Edition reinvents the Pokémon story by introducing shadows behind familiar faces and a hidden goal behind every triumph. Explore Pallet Town’s hidden history and Kanto’s criminal underground.

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