Pokémon Girls Hunter 3

Pokémon Girls Hunter 3
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer fz15
Genre Adult , RPG
Region English
Year 2022
Downloads 2,416
5/5 (2 votes)
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Similar to its predecessor, Pokémon Girls Hunter 3 is an 18+ Pokémon RedFire ROM Hack. In this version of the game, however, you hunt girls rather than Pokémon… There is a new storyline, a new territory, 50 girls that can be caught, and 10 different types of pokemorphed girls.

Norelia, an orphan who had been adopted together with a child named Aubree, made the decision to serve the kingdom after discovering that the soldier who had adopted them, Fradia, had vanished without a trace. They served one of the kingdom’s generals by the name of Lomie, who oversaw their job. But Lomie is a manipulator, and she did not give the girls strong Pokemon; instead, she gave them weak ones like Rattata and Zubat so that she could always keep the girls under her control. However, Norelia’s drive cannot be stifled so easily…


  • This game, like its predecessor, features more than fifty distinct types of catchable ladies in addition to around ten distinct types of Pokemorph chicks.
  • The Kinav area has been hacked to become the new region.
  • And in addition to that, there is now a fresh new lady in this game. The Slave Market is the best place to look for her.
  • The patch introduced an amulet coin that can be obtained and is hidden behind a house in Plainland Town. The location can be reached only by surfing.
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