Pokémon Girls Hunter Halloween

Pokémon Girls Hunter Halloween
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer fz15
Genre Adult , RPG
Region English
Year 2020
Downloads 554
3.7/5 (8 votes)
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This Pokemon hack for the Game Boy Advance was created by fz15 and is called Pokemon Girls Hunter Halloween. It is based on Pokemon Fire Red.

It is in fact a new GBA Hack ROM that features a whole new tale, as well as a new area, females, pokemorph girls, and gyms. This one is a little game that was created for the Halloween holiday. On the other hand, it’s very feasible that additional content will be included at a later date. It is not yet feasible to finish collecting all of the Pokedex entries.


New story: The story of Horie, the girl who escaped from Slutian Family.
New area: Holiday Islands(Only Halloween Island available at present)
New girls: About 30 kinds of girls and 5 kinds of pokemorph girls.
The Gym Challenge is pretty different in this game.

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