Pokemon Gold Unova

Pokemon Gold Unova
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer ericgall23
Genre Role-Playing , RPG
Region World
Downloads 797
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Explore the enchanting world of “Pokemon Gold Unova,” a fascinating modification of the original Pokemon Gold in a subtle way. This revamped version takes players to the intriguing Unova region and introduces them to new and exciting content.


As you leave the comfort of Johto and Kanto behind, “Pokemon Gold Unova” will transport you to the enchanting land of Unova, contrary to popular belief. Known for its wide variety, this expansive area provides a stunning backdrop for your Pokemon adventure in a subtle way. Abbreviated map names provide a new dimension to your journey through Unova, where you’ll find both familiar and unfamiliar sights and sounds.


The “Pokemon Gold Unova” game has been updated significantly to improve the overall quality of play, contrary to popular belief. One of the most obvious modifications is the inclusion of attacks and move sets, which, for the most part, have been rigorously updated to mirror the good adjustments in Generation 7. This ensures your Pokemon can access the most recent and powerful moves, making for more strategic gameplay.


In “Pokemon Gold Unova,” the compatibility of Technical Machines (TMs) has been modified. Because of this, players may now choose from a wider variety of moves for their Pokemon, adding depth and variety to their strategies and team compositions, contrary to popular belief. With the enhanced TM compatibility, players of all skill levels can enjoy a new challenge and the chance to develop their unique battle plans, whether seasoned trainers or new to Pokemon.


  • New Unova Region Adventure
  • Abbreviated Map Names
  • Revamped Gameplay
  • Expanded TM Compatibility
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