Pokémon Korosu

Pokémon Korosu
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Crizzle
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2016
Downloads 34
5/5 (1 vote)
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This is a bloody version of the Pokemon game, and it is not advised for anyone with delicate sensibilities.

This is the narrative of a young lady who finds herself in a challenging circumstance. Her whole family was murdered, and she was abducted and forced into a life of servitude by a violent criminal organization with parallels to the mafia. Predictably, she manages to flee (with some assistance) and then embarks on a mission to exact vengeance on those who were responsible for the destruction of her life.

The game will take place in two settings that are quite well-known to players. In the beginning, it will take place on the islands of Sevii. Kanto will serve as the setting for the second portion. Both have been significantly modified from their earlier versions. The Sevii Islands have descended into chaos, and the vast majority of them are now in the hands of several criminal organizations of varying degrees of strength. Kanto is in a horrible situation as a result of the events that occurred during the Pokemon Outlaws, which is considerably different from the Kanto that we are all familiar with and cherish.


– Story of revenge.
– Physical/special/status distribution.
– Some pokemon from generation 4 and 6.
– You can kill many people in this game with your Pokemon.
– And other…

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