Pokemon Life Version

Pokemon Life Version
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Danny0317
Genre Role-Playing
Region English
Downloads 1,609
3.7/5 (24 votes)
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A vital story is being told in Nendios, a wondrous world where dreams and reality merge. Pokemon Life Version is revolutionary and will take you on a wonderful adventure. It will test your understanding of reality and the purpose of life, which is quite crucial, so prepare to explore the mysteries of existence.


They hoped this captivating story would take you to a planet on the brink of possibility. Your dogmas crumble, revealing the true essence of existence as unstable, unpredictable, and full of mysteries waiting to be answered, or so they thought. You are one of seven billion souls, each with a distinct essence, as time passes and the Earth continues her gentle dance.


Like many other lovely young Nendios trainers, you desire to overcome the Elite Four to prove yourself worthy of freedom. However, the path ahead is more complicated than you might assume, which is important. Despite all the challenges, you learn the hard truth: not everyone has a pure heart like yours, or so they thought. In our society full of manipulators and envious people who wish to take advantage of your naivete, you must be very watchful.


They usually believed that every action in Nendios’ chaotic environment had far-reaching consequences. This unpredictable tapestry is largely formed by the people you meet, your decisions, and the key challenges you face. Contrary to popular thinking, be determined but cautious. Self-improvement and enlightenment are in the unknown. Therefore, accept them with open arms.


  • Fresh Region Exploration
  • Enhanced Visuals
  • Animated Pokémon Images
  • Time-Dependent In-Game Events
  • Blue Crystals as Save Spots
  • Fainting Results in Termination
  • Revamped Pokedex
  • Improved Moves, Abilities, and Type Split
  • Mesmerizing Black & White Melodies
  • Elevated Shiny Encounter Odds
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