Pokémon LightRed

Pokémon LightRed
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer #Vytron
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2016
Downloads 132
5/5 (1 vote)
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Pokemon LightRed is a gripping GBA Rom Hack developed by the amazing catroZ, and it will take you on an exciting adventure with the Pokemon franchise. This remake of the classic Pokemon Emerald, available in English, had its most recent update on April 7, 2018. Prepare to enter a world of excitement and mystery!


In Pokemon LightRed, you play as a young kid of 10 who has just moved to the quaint community of Snowball Town in the mysterious region of Cramoor. You uprooted your life since your father’s thugs were hot on your trail. Your father, who appears to be a successful Seaside City businessman, is the ruthless leader behind the criminal group known as the Netscape Grunt. In the Snowball Area, running was your only choice, but now you’re sick of it. You embark on a hero’s journey to Seaside City on a mission to confront your father. The road ahead is paved with peril and opportunity, but you need not travel it alone. As you continue through the game, your dependable Pokemon allies will help you out in battle and help you level up.


In Pokemon LightRed, you’ll get a starter Pokemon, battle other trainers, level up your Pokemon, gather useful items, talk to other characters, and accomplish their missions in the standard Pokemon fashion. The ultimate objective is to defeat the powerful Elite Four and all Gym Leaders.


The outstanding tunes in Pokemon LightRed are based on the music of the critically regarded Pokemon Black 2. The soundtrack adds to the game’s atmosphere and makes your journey more immersive.


Every aspect has been carefully considered in Pokemon LightRed. Decapitalizing the characters’ names is a nice touch that distinguishes this game from others. Do you have what it takes to become a Pokemon Master and go on an adventure full of mystery and challenge? There’s a copy of Pokemon LightRed waiting for you, and the entire Cramoor Region is open for exploration. Get the game now and find out what it’s hiding!


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