Pokemon Liquid Crystal

Pokemon Liquid Crystal
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer LinkandZelda
Genre Adventure , Role-Playing
Region English , French
Downloads 13,739
Released January 1, 1970
4/5 (240 votes)
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Pokémon Liquid Crystal is an exciting hack revitalizing the original Pokémon Fire Red ROM, so dust off your old console and prepare to journey down memory lane. This game is more than just a reskin; it’s a stunning reinvention of the classic Game Boy Color RPG Pokémon Crystal. Get ready to revisit the Johto Region as it smoothly merges into the Pokémon Fire Red world, introducing many fresh Trainers and fierce Rivals.


Pokémon Liquid Crystal is expertly woven with a compelling story that captures the spirit of Pokémon Crystal on GBC. Even though many have tried and failed, this hack accepts the challenge and exceeds player expectations. Brace yourself for an immersive experience that pays attention to the source material while delivering modest adjustments and a visually gorgeous makeover.


The Johto Region’s attraction and Pokémon Fire Red’s charisma combine perfectly in Pokémon Liquid Crystal, captivating players from the get-go. Explore the same areas you know and love with renewed vigor as you meet new people, interesting Trainers, and formidable opponents. Fans of Pokémon Crystal will feel right at home with this reinvigorated adventure, thanks to the game’s dedication to retaining the original storyline.


Liquid Crystal maintains the fundamental story of Pokémon Crystal while introducing minor changes that improve the game. These alterations and a noteworthy visual revamp help give the game its character and make it a must-try for Pokémon fans and newbies.

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