Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn

Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Ex_Snagem_Wes
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 1,039
3.7/5 (3 votes)
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With “Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn,” a new and exciting chapter in the ever-evolving world of Pokémon has been written. This engaging game takes the traditional Pokemon Emerald and breathes new life into it with many upgrades, offering an amazing adventure for fans of all ages.


The new starters are one of the most noticeable additions to this game. Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko are leaving, but you’ll soon be joined by new friends who bring their special skills and characteristics. These new options will force you to deliberate at the outset of your journey, increasing the thrill of discovery.


Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn is here for all craving a more difficult challenge. The game’s difficulty has been ramped up to put your Pokémon training skills to the test. Be prepared to make tougher tactical decisions in more challenging battles as the game progresses.


The game takes on a whole new dimension by incorporating regional varieties. Travel to a version of Hoenn you’ve never seen before, populated by Pokémon in all new forms. This revamps the game in a way that makes each encounter exciting.


It’s not simply about new Pokemon Molten Emerald Reborn content and challenges. The overall quality of the game experience is also a major concern. A better quality of life means less frustration and more time spent on what makes Pokémon so special: the adventure.


  • Fully evolved Pokémon, excluding pseudo-legendaries and Slaking, boast a BST 600.
  • Fresh starter choices include Misdreavus, Pawniard, and Croagunk.
  • The difficulty curve has been ramped up.
  • Movepools have received significant improvements.
  • “Uninteresting” shiny Pokémon have been overhauled.
  • The chance of encountering shiny Pokémon has been significantly increased.
  • TMs are now reusable.
  • A new set of TMs has been introduced, encompassing moves like Dragon Dance, Cross Chop, Magnitude, Meteor
  • Mash, and more.
  • Numerous evolutionary families have undergone modifications.
  • Typings have been altered.
  • Capitalization adjustments have been made.
  • The addition of new regional variants, such as Eelektrik/oss, Flygon, and Eevee.
  • Implementation of the Physical/Special move split.
  • Introduction of two novel types: Beast and Cosmic.
  • The Fairy type has been incorporated.
  • Fresh moves have been introduced.
  • Deoxys forms can now be interchanged through stone-based evolutions.
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