Pokémon Mystery 9

Pokémon Mystery 9
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer MegaSceptile9
Genre RPG
Region Spanish
Year 2014
Downloads 304
3/5 (2 votes)
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The original game, Pokemon FireRed, was hacked to become Pokemon Mystery 9. This number nine has always been known to us as one that is peculiar and shrouded in mystery. It is stated that whomever can master the power of this number will have unbeatable strength and immunity to harm. And so, in order to make this hack more interesting for you, I’m going to tell you a narrative about the number nine.

Ninetales and Zapdos were good friends a very long time ago. They have known each other for a very long time, from the early days of dawn all the way up until the current day. They triumph over a multitude of challenges faced in life by working together. There is a myth circulating across the world about nine missing medals, and according to the myth, whoever recovers all nine of these medals would have the unstoppable might of the gods as well as being bestowed with wealth. Actually, when I found out about it… Zapdos is attempting to capture each and every one of them. It doesn’t matter how hard Ninetales tries to stop Zapdos from becoming insane; none of his attempts are successful. There is a significant amount of suffering, agony, bereavement, and gloom. Of course, our pals are broken.

Zapdos contacted Zorua, the disciple who was closest to him, in order to save this planet from imminent catastrophe. Zorua was then entrusted with a significant job by Ninetales, who told her that because she is the only person Ninetales can put her faith in, she had to locate the nine medals and deliver them to Ninetales so that he could destroy them. Even though our poor little Zorua was assigned this duty, he still considers it to be too difficult to carry out. He continues to travel there in spite of these realities. Zorua finally manages to cross paths with Zapdos after facing a myriad of challenges and challenges. Is it possible for him to win and put an end to his insanity?


– Play as Zorua with Riolu.

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