Pokémon Obsidian

Pokémon Obsidian
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Inconnu
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2010
Downloads 161
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Your grandfather, Josh Hunter, was a Pokemon biologist, and he made a discovery that astounds the contemporary world. Strong Pokemon that has evolved into a type that can evolve into any other. These animals of the universal variety are capable of learning any sort of move…

You are Josh Hunter’s youngest kid, and your older brother Phil is referred to as “Phil.” His work as a trainer was extremely fruitful, and he rose through the ranks to become an arena leader who specialized in Legendary Pokémon. You were motivated to become a leader by your father and your brother, and you intend to do so by overcoming the challenges presented by the Zephyr league’s council of four and all of the arena rulers. Concurrently, you want to keep looking for your father by amassing all Pokemon of the universal type. It is necessary for you to gather 386 of them.


– New region “Jewel Islands”:
10 tropical islands, each named with a different stone, located in the Obsidian Ocean
– New teacher “George Willow”
– New Starters “Aron”, “Tarsal” and “Spheal”
– New movesets, attributes and types
– All new text (script)
– The 386 Pokémon available to catch
– New Arenas: New Pokemon, Badges, Items
– All new rebranded maps

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