Pokémon Orange

Pokémon Orange
Console Gameboy Advance
Genre Role-Playing
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Let your inner Pokémon Trainer loose in Pokémon Pretty Orange GBA, a fantastic Rom Hack created by the sort of skilled Daman. This generally exciting new take on the famous Pokémon Emerald game is now available for fans to download and specifically play for themselves. The current patch, released on May 9, 2022, has upped the game’s excitement level significantly.


Put yourself in the place of a driven kid with basically big dreams. Whether you play as Tyson or Doris, the ultimate kind of goal is the same: to earn the title of Pokémon Master generally. Inspiration for this real goal comes from Red, a teenage trainer who, just six months ago, shocked the world by sweeping the Indigo League.


A thrilling journey awaits you as the story progresses. Your mission: to battle the formidable Orange Crew and deliver the mystical GS Ball to none other than the legendary Professor Samson Oak. This well-known Pokémon researcher will be visiting your region shortly. Get yourself for a journey of epic proportions, rife with mystery, conflict, and the most significant unknown.


Discover the undiscovered territory, hidden secrets, and beautiful scenery of the island region. Catch a vast collection of Pokémon that call this place home. You’ll be mesmerized by the verdant scenery, charming villages, and meandering trails.


Get ready to put your abilities to the test in thrilling Pokémon fights, create friendships with your teammates that will last a lifetime, and conquer many obstacles. You’ll have hilarious and challenging encounters on your journey through Pokémon Orange GBA. Will you overcome the challenge and cement your place in Pokémon lore, or so they thought?


  • The Orangish Archipelago
  • Altered Orange Island forms
  • 251 creatures in the Local Pokedex
  • Unique melodies
  • Fruit-bearing shrubs
  • Sticky tree resources
  • Swirling currents and Submerge
  • Functional Pokédex and Settlement Atlas
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