Pokemon Poke’s Bizarre Adventure

Pokemon Poke’s Bizarre Adventure
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Manekimoney
Genre Role-Playing , RPG
Region World
Downloads 2,021
3.4/5 (17 votes)
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While most Pokémon stories focus on the trainer’s quest to amass a collection of Pokémon, “Poke’s Bizarre Adventure” takes a decidedly different tack. Based on the original Game Boy Advance Pokémon FireRed game, players take control of Pikachu in this GBA Rom Hack.

Inspiring Adventures Through Dreams

The story unexpectedly begins with the protagonist having a fever dream. Confusing words are spoken by an unknown voice, urging you to find a Pikachu. This isn’t just any Pikachu; it’s the very best. The dream foreshadows the incredible experience that is ahead.

The Leaf That Unlocks Your Future

You wake up from your dream to the news that a talented trainer named Leaf has just won the Pokémon League with the help of her extraordinary Pikachu. You feel a glimmer of hope as you realize that Leaf may be the missing piece to finally catching the Pikachu you’ve been after.

The Start of the Quest

The first step in your mission to capture the legendary Pikachu is to select your starter Pokémon. Some obstacles and enemies you’ll face on your journey will be people who want your Pokémon for themselves.

Find Your Shadowy Followers

Be prepared to confront weird persons who seem determined to take your Pokémon from you. The mystery surrounding your pursuers only deepens as you progress through the journey. Which camp do they fall into?


  • Pikachu’s in-game appearance
  • Commence with Furret
  • Begin your journey in Celadon
  • Dual potential conclusions
  • No creature capture
  • Gyms take a back seat
  • Game over on blacking out
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