Pokemon Quarantine Crystal

Pokemon Quarantine Crystal
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer GiantPigeon
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 1,031
4.3/5 (11 votes)
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During the height of the worldwide quarantine, one artist set out on a journey of creativity that would win over Pokemon fans everywhere. In May, spriter and visionary artist DazzyDeer stoked the fires of imagination by embarking on a massive project: the creation of Pokemon Quarantine Crystal. QuarantineDex, a project started in response to odd questions on 4chan’s famous /vp/ board, eventually gave birth to this unique Fakemon Pokedex.


The core concept of the project is to create a unique gaming experience out of the difficulties of a worldwide quarantine. DazzyDeer’s original goal was modest: to have the Fakemon of Generation 2 replace the original Pokemon. As the work progressed, however, it grew into something more ambitious and collaborative. Minisprites, artwork, and more were all contributed by the good people of /vp/ to bolster the game’s huge world.


Step into a world brimming with unfathomable secrets, where dozens of undiscovered Pokemon are waiting to be caught. Pokemon Quarantine Crystal, with its almost 200 newly created animals, is an unknown territory for budding trainers. The game’s innovative approach continues with the introduction of the pioneering Physical/Special divide, drastically altering the nature of battle.


As you explore this new realm, expect a greater degree of difficulty than before. The game’s leveling system and other movements have been reworked to provide a thrilling exploration of uncharted territory. Furthermore, the game’s distinctive visual flair is elevated to a new level by the menu sprites and colors for most Pokemon, which are not shared with other Pokemon games.


Prepare to enter Pokemon Quarantine Crystal with a full armament at your disposal. You may fine-tune your team with unmatched ease thanks to the reusable TMs and the helpful move reminder.


  • Over 200 fresh Pokemon additions
  • Distinction between physical and special moves
  • Elevated level progression; revamped moves
  • Distinct menu sprites with color themes for many Pokemon
  • TMs can be used repeatedly
  • Ability to relearn moves
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