Pokemon Shuckle V1.2

Pokemon Shuckle V1.2
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For those who haven’t yet, the talented mariomaniac432 has created a GBA Rom Hack called “Pokemon Shuckle V1.2,” it’s a rom hack that promises to take you on a fantastic journey into a fascinating world. Based on the same engine as Pokemon Fire Red, this game is now free to all players. The last report, dated 30 April 2018, hinted at a brand new adventure. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn about this Pokemon journey.


Shuckle Island is an unusual place to explore after leaving the familiar sights of the Pokemon world. A strange phenomenon can thrive here on this isolated island, away from the bustling Pokemon areas. The only people living there are a species of Shuckle that looks nothing like any other Shuckle you may have met. The diverse climate of Shuckle Island has led to the development of distinctive traits in the island’s native population. Although the shackles you’re used to seeing aren’t around, you’ll find many other animal species. To safeguard these endangered creatures, the island’s government has enacted stringent regulations making it illegal for any Pokemon to leave or enter.


Your trip will begin in the peaceful Outset Town, which may be found on the eastern peninsula of Shuckle Island. Professor Larch, a world-renowned Shuckles expert, lives next door to you. Dedicated to understanding this peculiar evolutionary phenomenon, Professor Larch created the Shuckle Dex to document these unique species.


  • Capture 50+ distinct Shuckle variations.
  • Enjoy unrestricted indoor movement.
  • Make use of reusable TMs.
  • Anticipate the forthcoming Berry System.
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