Pokemon Silver Moon

Pokemon Silver Moon
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Link
Genre RPG
Region French
Year 2015
Downloads 321
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Johto features prominently during the events of Pokemon Silver Moon, which is the successor to the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald games and takes place almost entirely in that area. This game takes place in an alternate version of Johto two years before the events of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Giovanni is still in charge of Team Rocket in this version of Johto. But things aren’t looking so well at the upper echelons of Team Rocket, and there are a lot of unforeseeable occurrences that are going to mess up the criminal organization’s carefully laid plans.

The new master of the League of Hoenn, who goes by the name “so us,” decides to spend his vacation in Johto. When he arrived there, a professor was being harassed by a Pokémon; this marked the beginning of a new journey as well as an exciting new experience.

  • The last official update of the game
  • Includes all Cumulative Updates from 2016 to 2019 (1.7 to 2.5)
  • Many bugs fixed, including a character on the Route 43
  • New areas in Johto and Kanto
  • New musical compositions
  • More Shiny Pokémon
  • New Pokémon to catch
  • New secret challenges
  • Pokémon League 2nd Round
  • Better rebalancing
  • Extended history
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