Pokemon Sunrise Orange

Pokemon Sunrise Orange
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Jangmo-oFett
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 772
4.7/5 (4 votes)
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It’s been more than a year since you made the peaceful decision to relocate to Valencia Island. One question has plagued your thoughts since you arrived: when will Professor Ivy give you your first Pokemon pet? Every day, with unflagging zeal, you’ve asked her the same question. And now, at last, the answer to your burning inquiry is here.


Today, your heart skips a beat when you open your mailbox. An actual letter from Professor Ivy can be seen there. This is no ordinary letter; rather, it contains the hope of a lifetime. A special friend from far away in another region has brought Prof. Ivy a group of amazing Pokemon to help her get started. Somehow, she has agreed to give you not just her young sister but also one of these incredible animals. You now have your chance to visit the beautiful Orange Islands and test your mettle against the renowned Orange Crew.


This is not going to be an easy trip. The formerly peaceful archipelago is now shrouded in gloom. Team Umbra is a shadowy organization with deep roots in the Orange Islands, where they sow dread and disorder among the locals. Their bad deeds could bring darkness to the area.


It is now up to you to prove that you can handle this increased level of responsibility. As you go on your mission to become a Pokemon Trainer and take on the Orange Crew, you’ll also be entrusted with putting a stop to Team Umbra’s malicious plots. Will you and your faithful Pokemon prevail, dispelling the shadows threatening the Orange Islands? Prepare to build indelible friendships and overcome insurmountable challenges in Pokemon Sunrise Orange, and you will determine the fate of this tropical paradise.

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