Pokémon Sunset Orange

Pokémon Sunset Orange
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Daman
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2017
Downloads 151
5/5 (1 vote)
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You take on the role of Sacha, a young child from the town of Bourg Pallet in the province of Kanto. You find out that Professor Chen, a professor in the area, wants to assist you in acquiring a mystery Pokéball from the tropical region of the Orange Archipelago after you return from competing in the Indigo League. This is something you learn when you return from the Indigo League. In order to assist the professor, you, together with your good friends Ondine and Pierre, embark on a journey to the Orange Islands. In a twist of fate, you are the lucky winner of a lottery and receive a ticket on an airship to the Orange Archipelago. You find out that the airship is rumored to be haunted, yet you still decide to ride it. You make the startling discovery that the people working on the airship are none other than Team Rocket, which is a bizarre turn of events. The airship definitely had a ghostly presence about it. When the airship becomes stuck in a rainstorm and you are forced to land as a last resort, the situation will only grow worse from there. This is the beginning of your quest!

Game Features

– Play in the Orange Archipelago!
– Play through pokemon season 2 events and more..
– Pokemon from generation 1 to 4.
– New Items.
– New music.
– New graphics.
– Film event.
– And other..

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