Pokemon Super Rising Thunder

Pokemon Super Rising Thunder
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Perri Lightfoot
Genre Role-Playing
Region English
Downloads 828
Released January 1, 1970
3.4/5 (7 votes)
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Imagine a world without Pokeballs, Pokestops, Pokegyms, or even Gyms. Pokemon Super Rising Thunder is in a post-apocalyptic world characterized by crumbling cities, overgrown roads, and lost history. You and your sister live in a small village, safe from whatever horrors may lie beyond the town’s walls in this strange world.


A chilling legend has been told from one generation to the next in your small town. It discusses the Flash’s catastrophic events that obliterated a paradise-like world. These catastrophic Flashes appeared out of thin air and destroyed everything in their path while spreading disease. No one was safe, not even mysterious creatures with extraordinary magical abilities.


Born into a world that shrouded you in timidity and caution, you were always warned never to venture beyond the safety of your forest village. However, you felt an intense curiosity. Was the world truly an Eden? Were there supernatural beings? You started to long for the truth and a better life as you listened to the villagers’ competing stories.


A terrible event occurs amid this miserable existence, and you find yourself in a deep slumber, immersed in a strange dream. In this vision, a mighty Lord appears with bad news and a remarkable present. Your young and strong shoulders hold the weight of the world on them. The Lord has faith in your unyielding character to defeat the evil that threatens to destroy what is left and open the way for a new Eden.


The catch is that you are neither a powerful trainer nor a legendary savior. You are the small electric-type Pokemon known as a Pichu. Is it possible that a timid young person’s inner strength and the power of “Super Rising Thunder” could save a world on the verge of collapse?


  • Traditional RPG-style gameplay with party members having unique skills.
  • A post-apocalyptic world where human settlements have turned into wastelands.
  • It is an engaging storyline with dark themes and diverse Pokémon characters.
  • Natural mapping in towns and intricate dungeon-like layouts for routes and caves.
  • There are no traditional Trainers; instead, there are random Pokémon encounters and Boss battles.
  • Limited human-made items requiring exploration and using Pickup abilities.
  • Party members naturally learn HMs as valuable moves.
  • Altered stats and movesets for party members to fit their roles.
  • Increased difficulty with tougher wild Pokémon and no Pokémon Centers.
  • New scripts, palettes, tilesets, music, and sprites in the game.
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