Pokémon Version NEW Rouge Feu – Espace 50%

Pokémon Version NEW Rouge Feu – Espace 50%
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer 31RED
Genre RPG
Region French
Year 2018
Downloads 159
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This is a hacked version of Pokemon Version FireRed called Pokemon Version NEW FireRed – Space 50%. The NEW series has now reached its eighth volume with this book. This version of Pokémon NEW Version FireRed – Space is one of three unique special editions of the game. The other two are known as Pokémon NEW Version FireRed – 75% Space and Pokémon NEW Version FireRed – 100% Space, respectively.


* Pokémon and maps:
– Starters: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander
– Captureable Pokémon: Many Pokémon from different regions.
– New evolutions and type changes for some.
– New Pokemon.
– Different Capturable Legendaries.
– All Pokémon in the game are obtainable.
– Some changes in the maps (cities, roads…).

* Champions/Council 4/Master/Rivals:
– Improved, and modified Pokémon for some.
– All possessing 6 Pokemon.
– Re-clash of Champions on the islands.
– 1 New Champion and 1 New Council Member 4.
– Epic trainers.

* New items: “Space Orb” and “Time Orb”.

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