Pokémon Vert Feuille Version Merison

Pokémon Vert Feuille Version Merison
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer Lekmerison
Genre RPG
Region French
Year 2015
Downloads 182
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Find your way through Pokémon Leaf Green with a bit more challenge this time. In point of fact, you need to prepare for opposition and arm yourself with tactics in order to prevail against a large number of coaches. Discover the Kanto area (in addition to the islands of the SEVII) with three new beginning Pokémon, and battle Pokémon from the first, second, and third generations—a total of 386 Pokémon—while learning new moves.

Changes made

– Three new starters: Wattouat (electric), Remoraid (water), Phanpy (soil).
– The first three generations of Pokémon are available for capture.
– Pokemon that evolve by base trade now evolve by level.
– All the Legendaries are present.
– Some Pokémon’s stats have been changed.
– Pokemon can learn more moves as they level up.
– National Pokédex unlocked by entering the Jade Forest.
– 86 new attacks appear.
– Some attacks have been changed.
– All trainers have at least 2 healing items.
– Trainers have various Pokémon and their A.I (artificial intelligence) has been improved.
– Arena champions all have 6 Pokémon and 4 healing items.
– Some maps have been modified/complexified.
– First wave of the Pokémon league going up to level 82.
– The gain of experience is a little more difficult to obtain.
– The ability to re-fight trainers has been removed.
– Added items to stores.
– Some items are more expensive.
– Addition of a day/night cycle (no impact on the appearance of wild Pokémon).
– The scenario is a little more directed at certain times (ex: You will need the 6th badge instead of the 5th to be able to use the CS SURF).
– Added anti-cheat security, most action replay codes will bug/crash the Rom, it’s at your own risk.

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