Pokémon Zoala

Pokémon Zoala
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer U-Hacks
Genre RPG
Region English
Year 2017
Downloads 82
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The Zoala Region is a beautiful place where people and Pokemon live together peacefully. Trainers’ connections to their Pokemon thrive in this dynamic setting. They collaborate constantly to build cities, generate power, grow crops, and tend to forests so that they flourish. The mysterious Eevee, in all its guises, is central to Zoala’s sense of self; it is a symbol steeped in mystery, like a timeless legend.


Perhaps rooted in ancient history and legend, the story of how Eevee came to serve as Zoala’s symbol is a well-held secret. A sense of mystery has been added to the lives of the locals as they wonder why this adaptable Pokemon was selected.


Mealva, tucked away in the Zoala Region, is a picture-perfect town surrounded by natural beauty. The story of the protagonist, a young person named “you,” takes place in this location. You’ve spent your whole life in Mealva, and now that you’re 10 years old, you can celebrate a major life event: you can become a Pokemon Trainer! Professor Oak, who is in town on business, lets you pick out your first Pokemon as you embark on your adventure. This is the start of your journey.


Explore the enormous new world of Zoala and all the exciting sceneries and challenges it has to offer. Pick Flareon or Vaporeon as your starter Pokémon to bring either blazing enthusiasm or cool serenity into your adventure. In addition, Zoala allows you to capture common Kanto starters, which can lead to new and interesting adventures. In addition to exploring lively towns that have grown, showing new structures and rich cultures, you can look forward to redesigned routes that will test your abilities and determination as a trainer. Gorgeous visuals highlight the region’s natural splendor, allowing you to lose yourself in Zoala’s aesthetic wonders.

Remember that Zoala is currently in its alpha stage, promising endless surprises and adventures as you travel through this lovely land on your way to becoming a legendary Pokemon Trainer. Get your Poke Balls ready; it’s time to meet your maker in the entrancing Zoala Zone!


We are introducing the expansive Zoala region, a vast new gaming world.
Select from Flareon and Vaporeon as your initial choices for Pokémon companions.
And it doesn’t stop there; you’ll have the opportunity to capture Kanto starters as well.
Experience revamped routes, offering fresh challenges and adventures.
Discover brand-new cities within this innovative gaming landscape.
Immerse yourself in stunning, updated graphics.
Please note that the game is in its alpha version, with more to come.

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