Shin Pokemon Red & Blue

Shin Pokemon Red & Blue
Console Gameboy Advance
Developer jojobear13
Genre Role-Playing
Region World
Downloads 1,486
4.5/5 (2 votes)
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Experience a new side of the Pokemon world with “Shin Pokemon Red & Blue,” a revolutionary ROM hack for the Game Boy Color created by the brilliant jojobear13. This substantial alteration of the old English versions of Pokemon Red and Blue promises a fresh experience for longtime players. The game is easily available for download, with its latest update dating back to January 1, 2022.


Compared to other ROM hacks, “Shin Pokemon Red & Blue” stands out for its innovative spin on the classic Pokemon Red & Blue. This rom hack uses the Pret team’s disassembly to stick closely to the original game’s design, focusing instead on fixing flaws in the game engine and addressing other issues overlooked in the original. The result is a streamlined, polished gameplay experience that respects the franchise’s history.


Explore a world where the trainer AI routines have been upgraded to create a more difficult and varied gameplay experience. The “Shin Pokemon Red & Blue” developers have updated the original games by fixing bugs and adding other quality-of-life features. Imagine if Red & Blue had been re-released on the Nintendo Virtual Console with some extra features.


“Shin Pokemon Red & Blue” is the solution for nostalgic lovers who want a new take on an old favorite. It captures what was great about the original games while improving them subtly but significantly. There’s something for everyone in this ROM hack, whether you’re a seasoned Pokemon Trainer or brand new to the world of pocket monsters.


Are you eager to start your new Pokemon adventure? “Shin Pokemon Red & Blue” awaits enthusiastic players, ready to be downloaded and explored. Experience the everlasting thrill of capturing and battling Pokemon in a new light by joining the community of Pokemon fans who have already accepted this revolutionary ROM hack.


  • Numerous bugs, glitches, and oversights rectified
  • Trainers pose increased challenges through strategic enhancements
  • Improved default AI routines and access to stat experience
  • Shiny Pokemon hunt with DV checks for authenticity
  • Quality-of-life improvements in and out of battles
  • All 151 Pokemon are available in one version
  • Unique encounter rarity preserved between red and blue
  • Option to play as a boy or a girl
  • Shiny Pokemon features visual changes on the status screen and in battle
  • Minor learned adjustments for convenience within gen-1 legal limits
  • Trainer rosters scaled to player level with OAK’s aide toggle
  • On-demand rematches for a pseudo-“new game+” experience
  • Running Shoes for doubled speed on foot, surfing, and biking
  • Convenient HM use with proper context and badge requirements
  • Move relearner and deleter services available
  • Slot machine bugs fixed; Pay Day signals lucky machines
  • NPC pays coins for showing Pokemon as an alternative to slots
  • Post-elite-4 additions include a new vendor, a randomized trainer battle NPC, and an SS Anne’s kitchen tournament
  • CUT is not required for Lt. Surge and Erika; Vermilion shrub replaced with a blocking event
  • Special trainer battles were added as enjoyable Easter eggs
  • Stone evolutions regain some level-up moves
  • Yellow-version move lists integrated
  • Battle mechanics adjusted to prevent AI abuse and PP underflow glitch
  • Trapping move mechanics nerfed for balanced gameplay
  • Sleep condition adjustments: does not prevent move selection, waking up doesn’t waste a turn
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