Beat'em up

Splatterhouse 3: Bloody Edition

This is a simple hack that, when applied, changes the “blood” hue from green to red. This is because red is a more realistic representation of blood. It is more in line with what the...

Streets of Rage 2: DC Comics Heroes Edition

This hack replaces Max and Axel with famous DC Comics heroes Superman and Batman.

Streets of Rage 2: Extreme Alliance

Streets of Rage 2 – Extreme Alliance is a hack of “Streets of Rage 2”. This one replaces the characters of the original game with 4 new characters: Abadede, Ash, Roo and Shiva.

Streets of Rage 2: Fight’n Rage

Hello, and welcome to the world of Fight’n Rage! The city was assaulted by an army of vicious mutants, known only as “The Boss,” who were directed by a shadowy figure. Three...

Streets of Rage 2: Kurenai

SNK fans will love this hack since it replaces the Blaze character with Kurenai, one of the characters from the Neo Geo game “Sengoku 3”.

Streets of Rage 2: Robocop & ED-209

In this modified version of Streets of Rage 2, Robocop joins forces with ED209’s robot in order to defeat Mr. X. Because of this, the characters Max and Axel have been swapped out for these.

Streets of Rage 2: Shiva Patch

The Streets of Rage 2 – Shiva Patch is a hack that replaces the player character Max in “Streets of Rage 2” with the character Shiva, who has new moves that are completely...

Streets of Rage 3: Lightning XIII Hack

Streets of Rage 3 – Lightning XIII Hack is a “Streets of Rage 3” hack replacing Blaze with Lightning, one of the FFXIII characters.

Streets of Rage 2: Blaze & Ruby TX Edition

This “Streets of Rage 2” hack replaces Blaze with Ruby, a nude liquid metal assassin TX machine, called Terminatrix, inspired by the one shown in Terminator 3! Streets of Rage 2 –...