Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 – HD Remix

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 – HD Remix
Console Playstation 2
Developer Nexus, The Modder
Genre Adventure , Fighting
Region English
Year 2020
Downloads 1,599
File size 1.63 G
3.6/5 (8 votes)
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Developed by Nexus, The Modder, also known as Trevon1344, Astr47, or Nexus-Sama, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 – HD Remix is a ROM hack that is based on the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. Through the use of this ROM hack, he enhanced the graphic quality of the game, altered the way in which the capsules function, and, most significantly, added KBMCs to (as of now) seven different characters. Ki Blasts Mid-Combination, or KBMC for short, is ki blasts that are performed in the middle of a combo rather than breaking it and stopping it.

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