Console Xbox
Genre Action , Strategy
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Released June 21, 2006
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The most suitable games for players to free their creativity are simulation games. There have been many simulation games that allow players to build their dream world, and even support many specialized tools for players to create freely. One of the most outstanding games in allowing players to build a theme park is Thrillville. Yes, that game allows players to develop and expand a theme park for themselves while managing and upgrading it with many fun services.

The amusement park for every family must have a multitude of different fun services for them to enjoy, as well as the process of managing and developing it with great care. In the game, players do not have a specific task, but they will build a park with their imagination. The game will guide players on the basic steps in building a park by offering a series of tasks for players. Moreover, it is also the best way for players to get a starting income in the game. Furthermore, when players progress the game, they will achieve milestone-like achievements in the game, which will have tons of rewards for them to develop the park.

What makes this game stand out is an open-ended area designed for players to build parks. With each separate area, players can freely build whatever they want, even differentiating their playing style. If players build rollercoasters, the game will have a unique tool for players to design railroads throughout the park. In the process of management, the number of visitors to play will not stop, even increase if the player proceeds to upgrade the idle system of the game. Thrillville is also one of the first games to introduce an idle feature that allows players to earn money even when offline.

During the game experience, players will be introduced to exclusive mini-games and events. They are seen as challenges and will bring loads of attractive gifts if the player completes them. The game has no limits in the development of the player’s park, and the imagination is what makes the player’s park beautiful. Players will not only be dedicated to building a theme park with a variety of entertainment services. Still, they will also create a unique atmosphere and style within each of its areas.

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