Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo EAD
Genre Life Simulation
Downloads 18,860
Size 27.4 M
Released December 5, 2005
3.8/5 (57 votes)
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Nintendo consoles are always loved and widely used around the world. One of them is called Nintendo DS, with many different upgrade versions. The design of the Nintendo DS is excellent and gives users a new control feeling, and right on this system, there are countless exclusive games with a large number of fans. One of them is Animal Crossing: Wild World, with amazing, unique, and wide gameplay to bring players new experiences.

Animal Crossing is a universe where people and animals live together in peace and happiness. Players will become a resident of that community and develop an island of its own. Animal Crossing is a series of games with many different versions, and each version is completely new or improved gameplay to give players a different experience. For Wild World will have the same gameplay as the other parts, players will develop their island, and even the game allows players to connect via wifi network to get together to build a big island. Everything in this game is similar to an open-world game, and players can craft, farming, hunt, fish, and even interact with NPCs. Of course, the game also has a massive task system for players to entertain. In short, this game has endless gameplay, and from there, players are always entertained anytime, anywhere.

The diversity of NPC and the world is a feature in the series Animal Crossing to bring players many new things. Players will also be immersed in a friendly community with funny, lovely, and unexpected things. Players can exchange goods with friends, join in on great activities, and even organize parties. The Animal Crossing series has always been exclusive to Nintendo 3DS systems, but recently there have been many versions appearing on different platforms for the gaming community. The variety within this series always gives players the most surprises and the best moments.

Wild World has endless gameplay, and the interesting thing is the whole will be developed based on the player’s progress. When the player earns a new achievement, the game will unlock new features and a few new functions to improve the gameplay. This game was originally developed for one purpose only, that is, to keep players entertained for a long time. If you are looking for a game to entertain on the Nintendo 3DS, then this game will be a great choice.

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