Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
Genre Adventure , Visual Novel
Region Japan
Downloads 5,988
Size 48.24 M
Released February 19, 2008
3.5/5 (15 votes)
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In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, you play a rookie lawyer in the popular Ace Attorney series. Step into the shoes of a young and enthusiastic Apollo Justice as he takes on his first case as a lawyer. The duo will aim to disclose the truth in criminal proceedings with Trucy Wright, a skilled magician who also serves as his assistant, and his level-headed mentor, Kristoph Gavin. Apollo’s evident skills in finding falsehoods by analyzing witness body language and his mentor’s years of vital advice will be tested when he meets a daring rival prosecutor called Klavier Gavin. Players will embark on a journey filled with exciting cases, jaw-dropping events, and the opportunity to defend their clients at any cost, with memorable cameos from well-known characters like Phoenix Wright and Ema Skye.

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