Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Hudson Soft
Genre Party
Downloads 18,245
Size 26.83 M
Released November 19, 2007
4.1/5 (33 votes)
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Are you looking for a multiplayer game using the Mario theme and for 3DS? Then the Mario Party will be a choice for you. It’s vast gameplay that includes loads of mini-games for up to four players. And it’s exclusive on Nintendo 3DS, so players can only connect online and have a great time together. Unlike other Super Mario games, Mario Party owns a massive mini-games system, and it is a combination of all the other Super Mario games on the Nintendo platform. What are you waiting for without calling your friends, own this game right away and have the thrilling and humorous mini-games?

The game has enormous gameplay, with hundreds of mini-games hidden inside, and the gameplay will also be diverse in characters, game modes, even surprises for the player. A playground can only accommodate up to 4 players with four different characters, these characters are like a pawn, and they will move around the chessboard to uncover the mysteries. Players can understand that it is a smart boardgame with loads of surprises waiting. Each player will roll the dice, and from there, they move based on the number of dice. If the player is lucky enough to stop at special points which are clearly distinguished along the way, there will be many surprises for them. This game has a lot of things for players to explore, and everything inside it is just a surprise hidden everywhere.

The interesting thing about this game is its mini-games and game modes. If players want to buy time or enjoy the feeling of winning, there will be a default mode, where everything is a board game with many bonuses scattered. And the mini-games-only mode is a mode that allows people to enjoy all the mini-games of the game only without any regard for dice or board games. The variety of mini-games will have different rules for everyone, with a completely independent system and lots of things for players to entertain with friends.

You may not believe it, but this game also has a massive single-player storyline for players—a storyline in which full of surprises, meanings, and funny things among the characters. Players will have a long journey, overcome many lands, confront many challenges, and even discover the secrets of each character in the game.

Mario Party is an exclusive game on the DS, and it is one of the most popular games of all time. Download now, and have your best moments with yo

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