The Sims 3

The Sims 3
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Exient , The Sims Studio
Genre Life Simulation
Downloads 5,833
Size 66.75 M
Released October 26, 2010
3.4/5 (5 votes)
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The Sims make another appearance in this third complete evolution of the long-running and ever-expanding sim game. Players can create Sims with distinct personalities, fulfill their wants (or not), and govern their lives within a real neighborhood in this home console version of The Sims 3. Furthermore, gamers may gain the ultimate “Karma Powers” for quick control and unleash them on their Sims, making it simpler than ever to tamper with life. Players can assist their Sim in “getting lucky,” bestowing “instant beauty,” or being deviant and cursing them with an “epic fail.” However, players should use these abilities cautiously because they might have unanticipated consequences, and karma can bite back. Players may use the stylus to create their Sims’ homes with tools, sketch walls, and floors, and modify almost everything from décor elements to textures and more in the Nintendo DS version of the game. In the most extensive Create a Sim ever for a portable game, players will use the stylus to shape their Sims’ face characteristics, pick hairstyles and clothes, and determine personalities. In Story Mode, gamers will take control of numerous Sims from a family and experience life’s important events. For the first time on the Nintendo DS, players can experience a full-life simulation as they guide their Sims through challenges to unlock new items, buildings, landmarks, and more.

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