Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3
Console NES
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo EAD
Genre Platform
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Released October 23, 1988
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Play the original game that introduced iconic items like the Tanooki Suit to the Super Mario Bros. universe. The Famicom and NES versions of the platform action-adventure game Super Mario Bros. 3, the fourth entry in the Super Mario series, are compatible.

Once again, Bowser and the Koopalings have spread their anarchy to the seven planets surrounding the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi will have to face off against a wide array of foes, including a Koopaling, to defeat Bowser and complete their quest.

The boys are in luck since they now have more super abilities than ever. Use the Super Leaf to soar above the action, wear the Frog Suit to speed through the water, or use the Hammer Bros Suit to smash your foes. Play a minigame for a chance to get extra lives, or locate a Toad’s House to pick up more goods using the brand new overworld map. Putting all this together, you have one of the most famous and adored games of all time.

The gameplay of Super Mario Bros. 3 is similar to that of Super Mario Bros, but with certain modifications. The game provides the player with a globe map from which they may select which path to pursue and which level to play at any given time. The globe map also features Toad Houses and Spade Panels in various locations.

When Mario or Luigi have traveled halfway through a planet, they will enter a stronghold and face off against Boom Boom. After each planet, they board the airship that flies above the world to face off against one of the seven Koopalings. After Mario or Luigi has vanquished the Koopaling, they return the monarch to his natural state and then go to the next realm.

The first player takes control of Mario, and the second controls Mario’s brother, Luigi. The two players then take turns controlling their respective characters.

Picking up things and kicking them are two new moves, along with sliding down slopes, all of which have been carried over into subsequent Mario games.

The Fire Flower makes a return appearance in this installment, functioning similarly to how it did in Super Mario Bros by enabling Mario and Luigi to shift into their fire forms and fireballs, respectively.

Several new power-ups are introduced, such as the Super Leaf, which is a leaf power-up that transforms Mario or Luigi into their Raccoon forms and grants them the ability to fly into the sky. Another new power-up is the Hammer Suit, which transforms Mario and Luigi into their Hammer forms and gives them the ability to throw hammers at enemies.


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