Baten Kaitos Origins

Baten Kaitos Origins
Console Nintendo GameCube (Download Emulator)
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Monolith Soft , Tri-crescendo
Genre Role-Playing
Region Japan
Downloads 457
Size 1.28 G
Released September 25, 2006
3/5 (2 votes)
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Baten Kaitos Origins is 20 years before the first game. It explains how Emperor Geldoblame became evil and details the heroes from the first title. Players will also learn how the world began and why the Lost Ocean returned. The hero, Sagi, a blue-haired youth, was sent to assassinate the Emperor but found that it had already been done. After being blamed for the death, he and two friends, a robot named Guillo and a young woman named Milly, fled. The player’s party moves linearly from region to region. After a few hours, players will get a ship that lets them visit areas in any order, allowing them to do side quests or rush through the primary mission.

Unlike traditional RPGs, Magnus cards are the primary way characters level up. In Baten Kaitos Origins, over 600 Magnus cards have ry properties. Trade, buy, receive as battle spoils, or make cards.

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