Battalion Wars

Battalion Wars
Console Nintendo GameCube (Download Emulator)
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Kuju Entertainment
Genre Action , Strategy
Region United States
Downloads 4,484
Size 1.0G
Released September 19, 2005
3.7/5 (6 votes)
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A global struggle has reached a standstill in the console adaptation of the game series initially released on the Game Boy Advance, Advance Wars. The malicious Kaiser Vlad has amassed an army of shock warriors to gain an edge from the standoff. As a result, The Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories have been forced to form an alliance and fight back. Battalion Wars is a real-time strategy video game in which the player takes command of squads of soldiers and vehicles and guides them through more than 20 missions while using various offensive and defensive strategies, weaponry, and equipment.

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