In the early 21st century, all countries agreed to give up their nuclear weapons, ending the war. “Heaven Smile,” a new terrorist group of human mutants infected with a lethal virus, attacks the UN and the IEC, disrupting the imagined era of world peace. When a party that wants to cut ties with the US takes over Japan, relations deteriorate. Christopher Mills hires US government assassins Killer7. Harman Smith, an elderly wheelchair user with the “Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon,” leads the group. He can transform into seven professional assassins whose souls he absorbed fifty years ago. Garcian Smith is the most powerful and can interact with Harman. Killer 7 combines shooting, puzzles, and light role-playing.

Players can switch between seven characters for most of the game. Each character has skills. Dan is a skilled marksman, while Coyote is a fast thief. The unique cast includes the blind Con, who moves quickly; Kaede, with ranged abilities; mask, with the most lethal weapons; albino Kevin, who can turn invisible; and Garcian, the pack’s leader, who can resurrect murdered people. The game’s 3D landscapes limit character navigation to pre-determined, branching paths. They are drawing a weapon switches to first-person, allowing camera rotation but no movement. The player should use different characters and weapons to defeat the enemy quickly before taking damage. Defeated enemies, especially those killed with critical hits, give the player “blood,” which can be converted into serum in certain rooms and used to boost character skills. Puzzles and plot information from exotic characters make up most of the game’s gameplay.

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