Pikmin 2

Pikmin 2
Console Nintendo GameCube (Download Emulator)
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Genre Strategy
Region United States
Downloads 6,747
Size 1.1G
Released August 30, 2004
3.1/5 (19 votes)
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The battle of humans or monsters is no longer something too strange for players because there are too many games for you to choose from. These games often follow a familiar path with many similarities for players to experience. Battles like that you can see in many genres, but have you seen the battle of trees? Trees, in reality, can only stand still and grow, then how can they fight each other? But this series Pikmin has shown you the opposite and brings new experiences for players. When coming to the game, the player will experience exciting battles between trees and other things. This series of games is highly appreciated by players for the great things it can bring to players. This game belongs to the category of puzzles associated with tactics for players to play. Especially in the second part of the game, it quickly became famous with a lot of unique features that players can enjoy. When the second part of the game was released, it suddenly passed the first part of the game and became a very famous name.

In the first part, the player can only control a single character to play the game. But in this second part, players will be able to control both characters at the same time to support each other. The first player to control is Captain Olimar, followed by Louie and Louie, who will support each other in many situations. To be able to help the player well, the player will control an army of Pikmin to complete the mission. In the game, there are many different puzzles to challenge the player. Players need to know how to solve these puzzles and find the treasure. To solve them, the player must control Pikmin smartly and find clues.

Part two of the game, the creative team, has added two new types of Pikmin for players to use. Each Pikmin is symbolized by color to signify their different kinds of abilities. The two new types added are the white and purple Pikmin, the white Pikmin is fast and resistant to toxic gases. As for the purple Pikmin, there is a higher power than usual.

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