Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
Console Nintendo GameCube (Download Emulator)
Publisher Nintendo , The Pokémon Company
Developer Genius Sonority
Genre Role-Playing
Region United States
Downloads 13,345
Size 1.1G
Released October 3, 2005
4.2/5 (65 votes)
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Nintendo not only has one famous game series, Mario, but they also have many other renowned game series for players to choose from. One of them is a series of games that players can not ignore that is Pokemon – a series of games selected to become a global name. Not only is the series famous, but Pokemon has been adapted into an anime with a lot of movies and popularity beyond what the producer expected. There was a time when the phrase Pokemon became the most searched term on Google to learn about it. Almost all console devices from Nintendo have the appearance of this game series for players to experience. But this time, we will talk about the game Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness that was produced for release on the GameCube platform. This game is the game of the Pokemon series that many players choose to play on the GameCube platform. This game is inherited from a game that is also present on the GameCube, which is Pokemon Colosseum and added improvements to make the game even better. These improvements have made the game more appealing than its elder brother to attract a large number of players to the game.

Just like your elder brother, the task assigned to the player to perform this time is to capture Shadow Pokémon to purify them. The game has up to 83 different Pokémon Pokémon for players to catch them. But to catch them is not as easy as normal Pokemon because they all have their unique skills. Once the player has captured them, the player’s task is now to purify them so they can become normal. To purify them, the player needs to take them to the Purification Chamber and wait a while to finish the job. When the job is completed, the player can use them to fight.

Mt. Battle is a tournament where players can participate and win game prizes. Each time the competition takes place, there will be 100 players participating here to aspire to become champions. Players will be divided into ten different groups, and whoever wins will become the head of each group to continue to the next round. Players will battle other leaders, and if you win, you will receive the game’s rewards.

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