Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia
Console Nintendo GameCube (Download Emulator)
Publisher Namco
Developer Namco
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region United States
Downloads 19,528
Size 1.0G
Released July 13, 2004
4.2/5 (4 votes)
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Gaming is a billion-dollar industry with many games that have been born for the player to play. There are many types of games that have been born for players to experience. But over time, some genres do not have the charisma that they have just appeared. But there is a genre that has always been appreciated by many players and wants to experience the game. That is JRPG, referring to the RPG games produced in Japan for players to enjoy. Games in this genre always have something very separate and different from the games that players often see. Among the dozens of popular titles, there is a series that is highly appreciated by many players, which is Tales with many famous game parts. Among parts that belong to this series, there is one game that is the core of the whole series for players to experience. That game is the Tales of Symphonia released on the GameCube platform for players to try it. This game is a name that plays a significant role as it has laid the foundation for many future games.

The battle system of this game is built in the style of the Multi-Line Linear Motion Battle System for players to experience. Players can actively control their characters to fight and attack opponents to destroy them. Or if the player is not strong enough, you can skip avoiding being crushed. In this game, players not only control a character but can control up to four different characters to fight. But at one point, players could only control one, and AI would control the other three. Players can change characters often to use skills for many different situations.

The game’s skills are not divided by each character, but they are used by equipping the character’s EX Gems. EX Gems will be divided into four different power levels that players can use. Each EX Gems has a different skill that the player can use in combat. Although it is possible to equip freely, players need to know which character suits the EX Gems to mourn.

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