Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies
Console Nintendo Switch
Publisher Nintendo
Developer HAL Laboratory
Genre Platform
Downloads 20,016
Released March 16, 2018
4/5 (112 votes)
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Kirby appears on the Nintendo Switch system once again, and this time he’s in high definition. However, he does not find himself alone this time. Gather allies and fight with a group of four by attacking foes with hearts. What’s more, you and up to three pals may work together in a novel way!

Is it possible that Kirby will require the assistance of his foes to save Planet Popstar from an evil unleashed there? Making allies out of adversaries allows for the seamless entry and exit of up to three players at any point.

The depth of the original Kirby action has been increased with the addition of the ability to duplicate abilities and mix skills with elements like ice and fire to create new powers.


  • The New Kirby game for Nintendo Switch features high-definition graphics.
  • Hit your enemies with hearts to recruit them as allies; you can choose up to three.
  • Kirby can inhale his foes and absorb their abilities. Some of the Copy Abilities he can acquire are displayed below.
  • You have the talent to spin threads into the Friend Bounce, lifting your buddies into the air. Are you ready to take the plunge?
  • Numerous abilities, such as Sword, Fire, Water, Bomb, Broom, and many more, are returning as copy abilities.
  • Borrow or bestow elements like wind, water, fire, and electricity on allies to boost their copy abilities, unleash devastating attacks, or crack challenging puzzles.
  • With the Joy-ConTM controllers set up in a horizontal orientation, up to four players can participate in a game at once; if eight players want to play, they can do so by connecting four Joy-

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