Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party
Console Nintendo Switch
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo
Genre Board Game , Party
Downloads 13,497
Released October 5, 2018
3.3/5 (259 votes)
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The Mario Party series was officially available on the Nintendo Switch system, bringing with it an increased level of excitement for all players.

The traditional form of board gameplay has been taken to a new level with more complex strategic aspects, such as Dice Blocks, that are unique to each character.

Additionally, the game presents brand-new methods to play, such as the Joy-Con controller, enabling minigames and new game modes that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

You and three other players will take turns as you go around the board looking for stars, bringing the full gameplay circle to its roots with four players.

The party may begin anywhere, whenever, and with whichever types of people it pleases, thanks to the inclusion of new game modes, new minigames, and the traditional gameplay of a board game.


  • You can get the upper hand over other players as you dash across the board in the original four-player mode to gather the most stars.
  • Board game mode from the Mario Party series is now available for online play, thanks to recent updates. Come and join the madness with your closest friends and family!
  • Experience the classic Mario Party board game while using new features such as character dice blocks, a party system, and other boards to discover.
  • A fresh new method of play that combines the capabilities of two Nintendo Switch consoles in a tabletop configuration.
  • Minigames based on skills that are both quick and engaging and make creative use of the Joy-Con controllers in a variety of different ways

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